Lipo-Laser Treatment Program
> 60 minutes Laser-Lipo.
> 60 minutes Infrared Massage table.
> 10 minutes Whole Body Vibration.

**Use Your Workplace Benefits: During the treatment you are receiving one hour massage on Health Canada approved infrared massage table. Treatments are supervised by Registered Massage Therapists. Our clinic will provide receipts for massage therapy.

Treatment Description:

Each treatment takes approx 75-90 mins. During the treatment you are receiving a massage on Infrared massage table while  photon therapy is applied to the abs and legs. After one hour of  treatment, clients will do 10 minutes of whole body vibration.

Fat Cell Wall Becomes Permeable: During the treatment the fat cell walls become permeable, thereby releasing the fat lipids into the body. This is the first and most important step. This is the hardest part for the body to accomplish. Releasing the fat lipids out from the fat cells is the reason why we are doing the laser therapy. This is the shortcut or the little cheat to stimulating the body to break down fat which is essentially the hardest part of fat loss.

Imagine taking a grape and squishing the juice out; this is similar to what will happen to the fat cells in your body during the course of the laser treatment process. We have a total of 6 pads that are placed directly upon the skin. The light energy from these pads will then cause the fat cells to become permeable, thus allowing the fat lipids to release or leak out from the fat cell.

Ceragem Far Infrared Massage Table
We all strive to attain healthy bodies; however, with juggling responsibilities in our daily lives, it is common to lose sight of all our body’s needs. For this reason, we are treating customers with the use of an FDA Class II Medical Device, the Ceragem massage table.

The Ceragem massage table creates a warm and relaxing experience during your laser treatments while offering complementary and added benefits. Approved by Health Canada as a Certified Health device, the Ceragem massage table is utilized to improve blood circulation and has been approved for pain and stress relief by combining thermal massage, chiropractic massage and accupressure effects.

It uses Far-Infrared Heat which radiates 4-6 cm deep into the body. It dilates the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. Ceragem helps promote circulation. Massage rollers relaxe tight muscles and take pressure off of nerves coming out of the spine. It helps the spine back into alignment.

Whole Body Vibration Treatment
Whole Body Vibration is an important component to maximizing low intensity laser therapy results. It is recommended after the low intensity laser therapy treatment to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage of fat from the area. It involves stepping onto an oscillating platform that emits vibrations, about 7 to 25 times per second and these vibrations fire off contractions in your muscles. Keep in mind the basis of working muscles out involves contracting them. However, having your muscles safely contract 7 to 25 times per second is something no conventional exercise routine is capable of matching, thus you workout your muscles faster and more thoroughly too.

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